Top 5 Portfolio Sites for Writers

Designers and photographers are typically the ones with nifty portfolio websites, but why aren’t there more affordable websites for writers?

I’m not talking about blogs, or Tumblr accounts, or Facebook posts. I mean formal, branded, official sites for copywriters, journalists, and technical writers.

I’m talking about branded web properties that reflect the writer’s style, personality, and work. A website with your name, and only your name, in the URL address. Why should Facebook or Blogger own your content?

And keep in mind a website doesn’t exclusively have to be about your writing work. It can also be a place where you promote your books, entice people to take your e-courses, post your speaking schedule, solicit job inquiries, or showcase your hobbies or personal interests.

Of course the most important thing you want to showcase is your words. Which is why building your website on a platform like WordPress is so important. Since writers typically produce huge amounts of content, they need a platform that’s easy to access and that makes writing, editing, and publishing content extremely easy. It’s hard enough putting words on a page, so getting them onto your website should be fast and simple.

WordPress has it’s roots in blogging, so it’s the platform of choice for writers. The editors of the New York Times, Macleans Magazine, and Mashable certainly support this statement, since these huge news organizations publish their online content using WordPress, along with thousands of other publishers.

Here are 5 awesome affordable websites for writers. All of these themes are super flexible, so we can change and tweak things as you see fit:

1. Scribe

This is a theme for the writing purist: clean and white, with elegant typographic touches.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter or Pintrest or Linkedin account or any, really, social media presence, we can add feeds to them inside all these themes. Preview it here.






2. Launch

An awesome Tumblr style site, where you can post different categories of content, if you like.

Or, you can just keep it simple and stick with the straight blog-style. Preview it here.











3. Scope

This theme has an agency-like feel to it, but works perfectly as a professional writer’s space.

If you have existing images that accompany your writing work, or even company logos, you can use them in the portfolio to attract eyeballs to your articles. Preview it here.






4. Premium Pixels

This one’s similar to Launch, but without the Tumblr style categories for each post.

Like the others, it’s clean and minimalistic so as not to attract attention away from your work. Preview it here.











5. reBrand

 If you’re looking to highlight your 4 best qualities, services, or abilities right on your homepage, this is the theme for you. (Think Writing, Editing, Research, and Reporting)

The portfolio here would also work perfectly, and those pop-up lightbox images can be disabled. That way, when people click on a portfolio item they get taken straight to your full-length article. Preview it here.

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