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We build all our websites using premium WordPress themes, which are like templates but about 1000x better and extremely easy to use.

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②  See What’s Included


We include insane amounts of goodies with your website. Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook integration just barely scratches the surface.

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③  Let’s Do It!


Getting your website is fast and easy, and the all-inclusive cost is $500. Yup, that’s it. No strings, no catches, just an amazing site for an amazing price.

Let’s Do It!

What is WordPress?

More on WordPress here.

So What is Lampdogs Anyway?

Lampdogs is dedicated to building affordable websites that look ridiculously amazing, are super easy to customize and manage, and that don’t break the bank.

We build using the WordPress platform, which means our sites have user friendly back-ends where you can edit pages, update posts, change menus, adjust widgets, change colors and media, install plugins and extensions, and so much more. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, using WordPress will be a breeze.

You can learn more about how amazing WordPress is right here.