Price, Speed, Quality: Pick Three.

Affordable web design is something we have strong opinions on, since we’ve been in the web development and design business for a long time.

So I’d like to share a secret that many people in the business conspire to keep hush-hush: thanks to huge advances in open source web publishing technologies, you can get affordable, quickly executed, and high quality websites.

Here’s how.

Typically when you go to an agency or freelancer for a professionally created web site, they’ll raise their noses at you and tell you to pick two of the following:

1. Price
2. Speed
3. Quality

So if you want a high Quality website created with Speed, they’ll tell you it will cost you a lot of money. If you want a low Cost website that’s high Quality, it will not be done slowly.

To this I say phonus balonus!

That business plan is based on just that: business. It’s a strategy for maximizing profit. And it really doesn’t take the best interests of the customer at heart. Or the best advances in technology.

The fact is today it’s just as easy to create content as it is to consume it. My 8 year old nephew knows how to make a basic website. My mom is 70 and can upload videos to her YouTube channel. So why are agencies still charging $25k for a simple corporate site?

It’s because they have senior people in high positions that need to pay off their giant mortgages and car payments. And there are senior customers in high positions that don’t have the foggiest idea how a website should be used to improve their business sales.

So they throw some rubes around. That is to say, they’re hayburners. Simolean sinkers. They ain’t hep with the voot.

What they’re completely missing is access to information, openness to new technologies, and plain old keeping up with the changing times.

Granted, the execs will argue they contribute experience, high value relationships, and connections to an organization – and they do. It’s just that they get so tied up in confusing words, politics, self-interest, budgets, different departments, and clashing personalities that they lose sight of a simple fact: web design and development has changed massively in the last 5 years.

And so have businesses. Small companies are now more agile. They can compete in different spaces. The enterprise is getting blown back by the many niches. And that’s where we come in.

Here’s how we keep our price down:

1.  Build on a flexible, extensible, and powerful open-source platform – license fees are a thing of the past.
2.  Take advantage of massive communities of freelance designers and developers who love what they do.
3.  Customize high quality themes, plugins, and widgets that are either free, or priced to sell to the masses.
4.  Encourage empowerment through education by teaching customers how to better use and improve their website.
5.  Loving what we do – ain’t no politics, self-interest, or clashing personalities here.

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