SEO: the Best and Easiest Way to Start

The world of search engine optimization irks me, mostly because the space is occupied by technical people who generate a lot of noise around the latest quick fix dream tool, or a new way to scam Google pagerank. They seem to forget that SEO is primarily about words and well structured writing.

If you care about content marketing (who doesn’t?) here’s another reason to consider WordPress as your content management system: the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

With it you can do all your boring basic templates for titles and meta descriptions as well as your advanced permalink cleanups, RSS enhancements, and XML sitemaps.

But forget all the geeky stuff.

The most amazing thing Yoast’s plugin does is give you a live preview of how your page will show up in Google, and how well optimized the page is for a particular keyword focus. You don’t have to be a geek to understand how SEO works because Yoast does all the heavy lifting.

Even before you publish, it scores you on everything from the Flesch Reading Ease Test, to keyword density, to keyword variations and locations.

In other words it helps you better write and structure your content directly in your content editor box, which has always been the most important part of optimizing for search engines.

And better written and structured content not only helps your organic and paid search, but also improves your pay-per-click strategy, since your digital focus is now even more tuned to the keyword and/or audience you’re targetting.

No more using 5 tools and spending 4 hours trying to get a page published.

Just you, your words, and WordPress.

Go learn more about WordPress SEO by Yoast here!

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