Top 8 Portfolio Sites

There are a number of reasons why you might have a portfolio website:

1. You’re a freelancer and you need to continuously showcase your work as evidence of your skills and expertise.

2. You’re a student and want to show potential employees your design concepts so they’ll hire you.

3. You work in a studio and want to profile and comment on your company work to build your online presence.

4. You’re a photographer and want to highlight the greatest photographs you ever took.

5. You’re an artist and you’re looking for a new way to showcase (or sell) your work.

Actually, if you’re a writer – you should go check out this post of the Top 5 Portfolio Sites for Writers, but take a peruse below anyway. A lot of these portfolio themes might fit your needs, especially if you’re looking to complement your words with images.

Also, if you’re job hunting and want to set yourself apart from the pack, go check out this post: Amazing Resume Websites.

These are all themes you can use for your own portfolio, and building and maintaining these sites is dead easy using WordPress. Learn more!

1. Square Grid

This is easily one of my favorites with great mouse-over effects and an awesome re-arranging grid format. Click here to Preview Square Grid.


2. Konzept

Konzept is a responsive and right-angle intensive portfolio site with really neat direction-sensitive mouse over effects and some downright wild large background splash pages. Click here to Preview Konzept.

3. Worktopia

Worktopia is easily one of the most creative and unusual portfolio themes, but as a result it’s one of the most eye-catching. It’s a mocked up workstation (or home office) with nifty animations and downward scrolling anchored links. Click here to Preview Worktopia.

4. King Size

This is one of the best photographer portfolio’s out there. It would also work well with large illustrations or graphics. It comes with tons of gallery and portfolio options, and it just looks darned good. Click here to Preview Kingsize.

5. Booster

If you’re a freelancer and want to look like a big agency, this is your kind of portfolio. This would also work perfectly for photographers or anyone with abstract creative assets. Click here to Preview Booster.

6. WowWay

This is my all-time favorite portfolio site – you have to see it in the Live Preview to believe it. Amazing  looking portfolio. Seriously, wow. Click here to Preview WowWay.

7. Volumes

This list wouldn’t be complete without a portfolio from Orman Clark. This is a solid piece of design and development work, and it’ll make anybody’s portfolio look outstanding. Click here to Preview Volumes.

8. Juxter

The animated side-scrolling gallery in this theme looks stunning, and I haven’t see anyone else use it. Check this one out in the Live Preview to believe it. This is another killer portfolio for anybody in the creative field. Click here to Preview Juxter.

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