What’s Included

Domain and Hosting

We include 1 year of free domain registration and hosting as a HostGator partner, and set everything up for you. Got your own host and domain name? No problem we can work in your environment!

Browser Agnostic

All of our sites look amazing no matter what browser you’re using. Whether people are visiting from IE7, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera, the digital customer experience will be seamless.

5 Pages of Content

Don’t worry, we’ll also show you how to add more pages and posts, change menus, embed video, manage images and much more. It’s so easy. You provide words and images, we do everything else.

Device Agnostic

Our sites look great across all devices, whether it’s a computer screen, a smartphone, or a tablet. Some of our themes are even responsive, which means they dynamically re-size depending on the viewing device. Learn more about Responsive Design.


Got a logo? Once you choose a theme, we’ll customize it to your liking. Send us your branding, your colour preferences, your tag lines and your images. Your website, your rules.

Our Brains

You get the benefit of our 20+ years of web design and development experience. Got questions? We got more answers than you can handle… ;-) Send us a message here!

Social Integration

Embed your Twitter feed, Facebook LikeBox, YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile, Pin It button, Like and Tweet buttons, and more! If you can embed it, you can use it on your awesome new website.

Complete SEO

We include Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin in all of our websites, which means you get one of the most powerful SEO tools on the market at your disposal. Learn about The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress.

Complete Analytics

We set you up with WordPress Stats so you can track who’s visiting your site, where they’re coming from, what they’re looking at, and tons of other granular and useful metrics.


JetPack is insane. It enables subscriptions, contact forms, spell checkers, shortlinks, shortcodes, sharing tools and more. Go learn about it here to believe it. Hey we install it for you, no problemo.

Spam Filter

Want to enable comments on your website? We use Akismet to make sure your visitors can leave comments without being interrupted by discount Viagra salesmen Learn more about Akismet.

Embed Maps

Embed Google or Bing Maps (or MapQuest if you still dig those guys) straight into any page, post, or widget on your website, easy-peasy.

19,000 Plugins

Plugins are like apps except for your website, and you can add/remove them anytime. WordPress has the largest plugin collection on the web, and the vast majority are totally free. Browse them all here.

Flexible Layouts

WordPress makes it easy for you to change how your website looks using widgets and built-in functionality, so when you feel like changing things up it just takes a few clicks.

Write Edit Preview Publish

WordPress makes publishing content extremely easy and extremely powerful. You have complete control over how and where content is created. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress.